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They Tried to Cut It All $25

by Ed Van Sycle

This is the book to read about the people & life in Grays Harbor’s “Hey Day”.







Beast-Man – Historical account of John Turnow $20 

by Michael Fredson

Many books and articles have been written about John Turnow.  Often they are filled with tales told & beliefs about his treatment.  This book is a refreshing look at the facts.  The author has painstakingly sought documentation, like the actual autopsy’s of the nephews he shot.  Many books discuss John’s amazing accuracy with a rifle.  Each nephew shot through the forehaed — but when the autopsy shows powder burns on one entry wound — one sees a different picture.  Three men sought out his final hiding place. Two died in the final shoot out – why then did the sheriff refuse to pay the reward to the survivor – read the facts.  Includes map of sightings & camps.



Rising from the Ashes T-shirt and Pin

T-Shirt $25

Pin $2

The Grays Harbor Trivia Game $5