1920 – 1929


April 2 – Two circular saws with 108” diameter (worlds largest) installed at Coates Shingle company in Hoquiam.

April 3 – Powerboat Phoenix fails to cross bar for 5th time; crew blames it on cross-eyed black cat and two caskets going to Queets.

May 27 – Weatherwax High school closed for 10 days due to smallpox epidemic.

September 23 – Sea otters appear on lower Harbor for first time since 1900.

November 5 – Chehalis Highway opens; new entry in east Aberdeen.

November 27 – Barge Pirrie lost on coast; Found December 3 with twenty dead crewmen.


Aberdeen’s Armory building completed.

January 3 – British Liquor ship runs aground at Westport.

January 17 – Booze-laden submarine runs aground at Point Grenville.

August 8 – Worst drought since 1910; ½ inch of rain in 76 days.

August 25 – Sharks, drawn by whale carcasses, put a stop to swimming in Harbor; drawn by whale carcasses.

September 26 – New port on Grays Harbor dedicated.

October 28 – Whaling season ends with 163.

October 30 – Over 100 tons of salmon caught over the weekend.

December 18 – Moonshiner’s business hurt by snowfall.

December 26 – Grays Harbor Railway & Light Company to lay cable under the Wishkah River to get power to east county.


January 24 – Russia wants to buy airplane spruce; mills say “NO WAY!”

February 3 – Road trip to Gray’s Monument chronicled in Daily World.

February 15 – Storm takes heavy toll on shipping; four missing.

April 21 – Harbor beaches called hot-beds of petty crime.

May 8 – Fierce fire at North West Mill in Hoquiam.

June 26 – Logging camps ban cigarettes due to fire hazard.

August 21 – Rare albino salmon caught on Humptulips River.

September 13 – Alex Polson says timber will last 1,000 years.

A record setting 1,128,750,000 board feet of lumber was cut on the Harbor in 1923; new record.


April 19 – Morck Hotel opens in Aberdeen.

May 8 – D & R Theater opens with “Scaramouche” and various vaudeville acts.

October 13 – Whale season ends with 181.


January 10 – First fully electric house in Aberdeen.

April 15 – Norwegian ship Dagfred carries first Harbor cargo directly to Europe.

November 7 – Elk’s Building & St. Mary’s School buildings under construction.


Wishkah Street Bridge opens.

January 1 – Woman trapped on new Wishkah Bridge; holds on until it lowers.

March 5 – Japanese freighter Horaisan Maru rolls over inside Harbor.

March 31 – Fifty Quinault Maples planted at Roosevelt (Sam Benn) Park in honor of 45 Harbor soldiers killed in war.

April 2 – Electricity to replace oil at Westport Lighthouse.

April 10 – First west bound airmail letters arrive in Hoquiam.

May 16 – New brick Methodist church dedicated.


February 7 – Hayes & Hayes Bank closed by Federal Government.

February 14 – KXRO radio goes on the air for the first time at 7:30 p.m. with a speech by Frank Lamb.

March 5 – Taholah Indian delivers two tons of clams to Aberdeen canneries.

August 26 – First phone lines reach Quinault.

September 14 – Charles Lindbergh circles the Spirit of St. Louis over Grays Harbor.

October 31 – Lumber shipments from Harbor exceed all other coastal ports.


January 6 – Leo Lomski, the “Aberdeen Assassin” fights Tommy Loughran for the world light-heavyweight championship title. Knocks Loughran down in first roundbut loses the decision.

February 21 – The 6,791-ton, 561 foot long freighter Robert Dollar docks in Aberdeen; largest ship to ever enter the Harbor.

May 11 – Governor Hatley cuts ribbon at Simpson Avenue Bridge opening in Hoquiam.

October 2 – Billy Gohl dies at Medical Lake Asylum.


January 11 – Two killed in train crash in Cosmopolis.

July 30 – Fire destroys 18 buildings in Cosmopolis.

August 2 – Aberdeen-Raymond highway nearly done.

October 7 – Harbor 31st port in Nation.

December 12 – Aberdeen population 26,073.

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