Anyone you know or are related to?

Anyone you know or are related to?

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Can you identify the people in these pictures?

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In 1915, surveying started for the Wishkah Water project.  This project built a large wooden pipe from the headworks of the Wishkah River to Aberdeen to furnish pristine water.  After completion men were hired who regularly walked a 15 mile route to assure the pipe was well maintained.

1915 Wishkah Falls Survey Crew (From Joe Malinowski Collection)

Pictured above is Ben Tarpin’s Survey Crew Wishkah Water Project Feb 1915 Wishkah Falls Crew.
Left to Right Mr. Colpits, (Cook) McCall, Sig Hagfors, Unknown, Mr. Sharp, Adam Lang (Langiewicz – went by shortened version for many years.), Hi Torpen, Ben Torpen. (1915 Wishkah Falls Survey Crew from Joe Malinowski Collection)

These ladies with their rolling pins are protesting something circa late 20’s. But who are they and what are they protesting?

Looks like a lovely family but whose?
Nothing like the joys of busting up a little bootleg!
A. J West Orchestra.  Know anyone?

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